How Doctors Keep Up with the Advances in Medical Science?

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According to a doctor, “Even if the evidence gives up, still the doctor says YES.”

I think becoming a doctor is one of the prestigious careers one can opt for. As we have seen, people see them with respect anywhere they go.

They have a respect for the society and yes the patients respect them a lot and always expect some extra-ordinary cure of their disease from them

Well, the ability of the doctor is not only to cure the disease but also to keep their patients up to date with any update about the treatments that are possible now and were not possible earlier.

According to recent studies in Indonesia, a Doctor has the busiest schedule, an average doctor works 10-12 hours per day and during the internships, they are made to work even more than 12 hours sometimes.

Becoming a doctor is not easy and is one of…

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How Social Signals Improve SEO?

Over the years both social media have grown to a large extent. Social signals focuses on increasing the brand value by increasing more engagement and involvement of the user whereas SEO focuses on increasing the ranking of a particular website by adding relevant keywords to the website. SEO depends on how people search for any queries on search engine and how well your website and content provide answer to any particular queries

In both cases, it gives better user experience to the person who is searching for a particular information.


How SMO helps in improving ranking for SEO?

Many companies agree that SMO doesn’t have a direct impact on Search results, but it puts you in front of your users and creates more brand value of a website by link building. It drives referral traffic and engagement of a user on their website through good quality and relevant content.

Traditional SEO focused on the technical structure of websites rather than the user experience. But, SMO is very concerned with the quality of the content, the authority of the author and the user experience for  interacting with the content and the author. These aspects of SMO can  improve SEO performance as search engines increasingly look for social signals to help in increasing the ranking of pages.

Trust building is very important for any business or service whether it’s a new brand or an old. If the trust of the user is shattered , they will never buy anything from you and hence in order to build trust among users social media plays a good role in building trust role of your website increasing your visibility and helping search engine to rank your website higher by getting more social signals of your website on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Stumbleupon, and much more.

How to create a better content using hashtags?

Till now we have realized content is the king for both seo and smo and in order to create a high quality of a particular website, it is equally important to have a content that solves problem and answers a question by educating and entertaining target audience. For that it is equally to use Keywords in your website.

In order to find what’s trending, one must look for hashtags that people are searching related to your business strategy.

After spending with your audience, you will get a general sense of the type of keywords commonly used making it easy for you to give the relevant content to the user.

What is a Search Engine?

Search is everywhere on the we both on search engines and social media. Now Youtube has been declared second largest search engine, after Google. Like Google, it indexes content and provide search results based on your search queries.

Similarly “facebook is a search engine by storing user related search queries” like news feed, groups and post. Due to this, one is able to search any topic and Facebook will get results based on what is on the web or discussions around it.

Adding relevant keywords to your content increases the likelihood that your social content is visible on both search engines and on social media platforms. By Making it a habit to incorporate relevant keywords as much as possible and hence making user to have a more trust on your website and increasing the chance of conversions, by standing higher from your peers.

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